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Aircraft Portrait Shoot


Male model preferred for about 1 to 2 hours work. Pose next to an aircraft to create a small set of portraits for advertising/editorial use in print and online campaigns within Australia. Details:

  • This is a low-budget shoot, so please do own MUA and clothing.
  • Clothing: Preference for neutral coloured chino trousers, long-sleeve white button-up shirt
  • When: The shoot will be close to sunset, most likely on a late Saturday afternoon (7th Jan) or the Friday before or Sunday after
  • Where: A regional airfield that is within 60kms of Melbourne CBD (transport by photographer can be provided). Contact us to learn more
  • Remuneration: Contact us to learn more
  • Style: The aircraft will be static (on ground – parked). Editorial style of portraits around the aircraft.
Flying with the Gliding Federation of Australia and the Melbourne Gliding Club