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Art from the Past

Girl in the City of Ghosts

Andrew has created some work in the past for exhibitions in Japan. His old blog is now long gone, but the art is still here. In this blog series you’ll see what these were.

  • 2011 Poem of a Cacophonous City
  • 2012 New Religion
  • 2016 City of Ghosts
  • 2018 What Brings Us Together
  • TBA Operation Bilby

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City of Ghosts

City of Ghosts is a collection of photographs that represent how fleeting human existence is. It was inspired by the first colour moving film taken of London in the early 1920’s. The city looks pretty much the same, but the people aren’t. Each generation leaves their mark on the physical aspects of the city, and pass on their culture. In effect, people in the city are temporary, but the city is permanent.

This is the first iteration of the concept. It was done with a great model who was still new and establishing herself in the creative industry: Miyu (now based in Berlin). We worked with a Tokyo-based make-up artist Ksara. The shoot was done at the famous Shinjuku crossing in Tokyo. The Shinjuku crossing has featured in numerous big budget movies like Resident Evil, because it is a great sample of modern humanity. At each change of lights, there’s an estimated average of at least 2,000 people crossing every four minutes. However, when we were there, there was a lot less. So, we didn’t get the effect we had hoped for.

The next iteration will probably be he in Melbourne, possibly later this year.

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Girl in the City of Ghosts