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Art from the Past

Operation Bilby: Stalking

Andrew has created some work in the past for exhibitions in Japan and is eager to continue his work in Australia. His old blog is now long gone, but the art is still here. In this blog series you’ll see what these were.

  • 2011 Poem of a Cacophonous City
  • 2012 New Religion
  • 2016 City of Ghosts
  • 2018 What Brings Us Together
  • TBA Operation Bilby

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Operation Bilby

Artistic objectives of this project are to show that Australian society can be socially inclusive, support diversity, and have social responsibility. To create an iconic new mythology for Australia. Additionally, this project will help Australian companies and organisations increase their brand awareness.

Operation Bilby: Dusk
Operation Bilby: Dusk

Artistic aims:  To celebrate diversity and our multicultural society. This project intends to demonstrate that all Australians can contribute to our society. This project intends to show women (and some men) being capable of achieving difficult objectives. The project will include Asian, first nation, and Caucasian Australians. The focus is not on gender or race, but on the message of the value of inclusivity, contribution to community, and social responsibility.

Commercial aims:  We prefer to work with Australian companies and promote Australian identity. Stakeholders will benefit through product placement, collaboration, and exposure within social media, art exhibitions, and other exposure opportunities. We intend to show your products and services in a positive light. The intended audience will include the arts and photography community, the general-public, the outdoor adventure communities.

General theme: Multicultural diversity in Australia; and women outdoors, in nature, in the sun, doing adventurous activities.

Operation Bilby: On Comms
Operation Bilby: On Comms