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Art from the Past

Andrew has created some work in the past for exhibitions in Japan. His old blog is now long gone, but the art is still here.

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Top ranked Hakuho perfroming the Yokuzuna ring-entering ceremony in the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament

Throwback Thursday: Sumo

This edition of Throwback Thursday is again about some of the interesting conversations I had with people who looked at my portfolio. Sumo is a

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How to do Photographic Story Telling sample view

New Books Out Now

It’s been a productive first quarter for Andrew. As Andrew finds a new creative stride, here are the top three books you should get either

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A Duo Discus glider of the Melbourne Gliding Club

What is a Glider?

A glider is a type of aircraft that does not have an engine and relies on the natural forces of lift and gravity to stay

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