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Operation Bilby: Stalking

The Brodie Helmet

The Brodie Helmet is the colloquial name for the Helmet, Steel, Mark I designed by John Leopold Brodie in 1915. These were to replace the

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Operation Bilby: On Comms

Operation Bilby

Get more eyes on your products and brand with this iconic outdoor adventure art project. Operation Bilby is an art project intended to do a

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Talent Database

It’s been a tough time for us. Since Andrew arrived back in Melbourne after 20 years away, he had a good six months to get

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Covid Chaos in Aus

I want to explain why there’s been a sudden shocking explosion of coronavirus cases in a country that once held the line so well. Also,

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Collaboration Call

Lockdowns are over and many industries need to reinvigorate and recreate or create new connections. We are wanting to work with makeup artists, models, and

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Climate Change and 2030

The climate has changed, and is changing worse. This century we’ve had severe droughts, severe drying and bushfires, loss of ocean fish resulting in increased

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2022 Calendars

This year we’re really excited to announce we’ve expanded our range of our calendars. Previously our main series was “Inside Japan”. For 2022 we’ll have

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