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Newsletter January 2019

Welcome to 2019; it’s great to see your smiling face (I’m imaging what you might look like, so help me by smiling at this).

Move to Melbourne 

Many new challenges and opportunities are open this year. I will be on the road, but essentially relocating to Melbourne Australia, but of course I’m very willing to fly to whatever Asian destination you need me at. If you’ve been following my Instagram feed, you’ll have seen that I’ve been to the snow in the Japan alps, and obviously, I’m looking for any excuse to go back. Currently itinerary is basically this, though I’m still happy to travel to anywhere you need me to be:

  • Now to 11th Feb: Nagoya Japan
  • 15th Feb to 2nd Mar: Melbourne Aust (for cityscape and street photography)
  • 5th to 11th Mar: Taipei Taiwan (for cityscape and street photography)
  • 13th to 24th Mar
  • 25th Mar to 7th June: Kyoto Japan (travel, city, and street photography in cherry blossom season)
  • June and onwards: Undecided / Melbourne Aust
  • Schedule & travel updates:

If there’s anything I can do to help your company, please reply to this email.

Spring and Tokyo 2020 Olympics Preparation

Late March and early April is forecast to be peak cherry blossom (sakura) season in Kyoto and Tokyo. The Cherry blossom season is typically just one week long, it’s a holiday period and so most places tend to be very insanely crowded. If your company needs me to supply Spring in Kyoto and Tokyo photos ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, book me now; it’s really important to schedule very soon, so I can prioritise you. Tell me what type of photos you need, and possible uses you’ll need them for.

Views and scenes in Kyoto during Spring cherry blossom season.


I’m searching around for short term photography jobs in Taiwan and other places in Asia. If there’s something I can help you with, let me know asap so I can plan better. Finally, I’m back into learning Chinese, and I’ve got a good teacher who is concentrating on making my pronunciation intelligible (imagine me blushing).

My favourite Pair of Diadoras in Gifu Castle Park, Japan.


In the next five months I’ll be travelling to Melbourne Australia, Taipei Taiwan, Kyoto Japan, and other places around those cities. I am looking for sponsorship for this. I am wanting to show products for various brands at these international locations. I’ve reached out to some companies and got some positive responses so far. However, I’m hoping to get in touch with one of the Diadora marketing teams. I’m hoping that you might know someone, who knows someone who can help me. Diadora is a personal sentimental favourite sports-casual shoe brand from Italy. I have some of their shoes, and I’d love to provide them with lots of my photos to help them market more. Alternatively, if you know of another company that is interested in receiving international photos, please help us get in touch with each other.


I’ve said before that I don’t have much experience in dealing with the North American and European clients beyond stock photography, but I do know that having a physical portfolio is important. I have a one that I would like to send to you with pre-addressed return labels; please reply to this email because I’d like to send it to you. Any feedback would be appreciated, but importantly I hope that you can get a feel for the quality of my work, and I hope that you can see the value in hiring me for an assignment for your projects.

Andrew Blyth showing his portfolio
Andrew Blyth showing his portfolio

Social responsibility

I’ve said before that I have a socially responsible business. I make monthly donations to Tree Nation, who help offset my carbon emissions and help me try to be as carbon-neutral as possible. With your help, I’d like to contribute more. Either, become your own direct supporters of Tree Nation, or sponsor me to photograph and share environment-related stories.

Travel & helping you

Finally, I am available for commercial and editorial photography projects anywhere in Asia. With my passport I am able to stay in almost any country for as long as the project requires. I have professional equipment, and am focused on getting the job done, despite difficulties and problems that might arise. I have abilities in Japanese, and a bit in Korean and Mandarin. I also know how to pickup enough survival language for other countries, and I have lots of experience working with non-native speakers of English. I can find and organise the right people to help with the job at hand. To learn more about my company see TravelPhotos.Asia, and contact me here.

I am currently organising as much of my 2019 schedule as I can. If you can, get in touch now, so I can prioritise you. I hope to hear from you soon. Look out for my next newsletter in early February.

I wish you a great 2019,