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Product Photography

Product Photography

Travel Photos PtyLtd (Aust) has experience in product photography (especially hospitality and fashion). We use specialised portable studio lights and other equipment to set up a “mini studio” in your restaurant, store, or in our own studio. This service is based in Melbourne Australia, but also available for the travel and tourism industry.


Product and content photography for a Melbourne-based ebike company.


Depending on complexity of the job, location of the shoot, prices will vary. Typically, costs can range from $200 to $1,500 or more. Our style is to show your products in context and in use, whilst also showing key features. Work includes:

  • Photo research
  • travel to your location
  • Models and casting
  • Hair and makeup artist (MUA)
  • Onsite shoot or
  • Our studio shoot
  • Image editing
  • Post processing
  • Image delivery
  • Photo licencing (RF or RM)
  • Long-term storage
What is “royalty free“?

Basically, RF is usually a non-exclusive, perpetual licence with no further payment or permissions needed. Cannot resell and the copyright is retained by Travel Photos PtyLtd. RF might allow exclusive usage. Exclusive royalty free costs more, but prevents your competitors from being able to purchase and use images of your products.

What is “rights managed“?

In short, RM is a time, geography, and distribution limited licence. It allows a range of commercial uses, and exclusive options. Royalty free is intended for cheap and easy projects, but rights managed is intended for exclusivve, difficult, and/or commissioned work.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept “shoot some photos for us, and we’ll buy some if they’re any good”. Sadly, we can’t say to hotels “We’ll stay in a room, and if it’s any good, we’ll pay the bill”. Consequently, we only accept defined jobs, and all work is invoiced.

Product photo sample of a Minolta film camera with a modern Lensbaby lens.
A type of Taiwanese-style ramen in Japan called "Shirunashi tantanmen"
A product shoot of an ebike produced by a Melbourne-based company

Rights Managed photo licensing options:

  • Regional / worldwide
  • Digital, online, social media, print
  • Corporate, editorial, personal uses
  • Limited print runs, limited term use, perpetuity
  • Exclusive (for license term limits) / non-exclusive use
  • Owned. Client 100% owns the image copyrights (fees can be very substantial)


About delivery & quality

All images are shot on modern digital mirrorless or DSLR cameras with only the best available professional level lenses. Studio lighting is used to ensure the best quality of images are created. Images can be delivered as:

  • Delivered in JPEG (saved at maximum quality) in “full” and “websized”
  • Digital images are shot and processed in Adobe RGB (Adobe 1998) colour space.
  • 300 pixels per inch resolution
  • “Full sized: is at least 3000×2000 pixel dimensions, and newer photos are now up to 6000×4000 (25mb, usually around 18mb). For stock photos at sizes do vary, please check individual image information before purchase.
  • “Websized” is usually about 1000px on longest side, sRGB, and kb optimised for Twitter, Instagram, webpages, etc.
  • Unsharpened (for photo editors and publishers to sharpen the final product before publishing)
  • Digital images are shot in the cameras native raw file format to make editing and adjusting levels and histograms more accurate.
  • Includes IPTC data including credit line, keywords, caption, and location. Please be aware that stripping meta data from an image is illegal in many countries, including in the European Union. This is due to the author / photographer has the moral right to have credit for a work. (See here for more information on IPTC and meta data
  • From July 2010, all file names include the date and unique image number. Example 20100731_DSC6052.jpg, where this file was made in 2010, July (07), 31st day, and the unique file number is DSC6052. Film images bare similar file naming: 20100731_film057.jpg. Clients can request their own system be used.
  • Delivery in TIFF or PSD (in 8 or 16 bit) is possible by arrangement (additional AUD$30 processing fee per batch of 100).
  • Scanned film images may include accidental dust spots, despite all care being taken to remove them. Film images may intentionally retain grain, dust spots, and other charisma. Exceptionally high levels of film scanning services are currently extremely difficult to secure in Japan, and so such requests will incur additional fees and time management issues.



We’re here to help! If you have any questions regarding our services, please send us an email via the contact form.

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